Our Services

Pelican Title strives to make the closing experience personal, to address questions, and to ensure that sellers, purchasers, lenders and realtors feel confident that their transactions are being handled professionally and soundly.


The probate process can be stressful and overwhelming. The attorneys at Pelican Title are well versed in Louisiana’s legal requirements for title transfer upon the death of a property owner. Based on their extensive experience, Pelican Title attorneys are able to provide guidance regarding the most advantageous and expeditious probate avenues for heirs and legatees of the deceased.

Entity Formation

Pelican Title attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced with the formation of the business entities in Louisiana. Pelican Title attorneys will provide insight and information regarding the types of business entities which may be created Louisiana and help determine which type of entity is best tailored to meet specific business needs. Pelican Title attorneys expertly draft all necessary documents to comply with Louisiana law and specifically filing requirements of the Louisiana Secretary of State.

IRS Section 1031 Exchange

A §1031 tax deferred exchange is an option for a property owner to sell currently owned investment property and purchase new investment property, while deferring the capital gains and recapture taxes.

§1031 exchanges require adherence to federally mandated guidelines and strict deadlines.
Pelican Title, LLC is well versed in those factors and will work with your exchange company so that the exchange process proceeds timely and efficiently.


Consult With A Realtor

Realtors are vital sources of expertise and knowledge in real estate transactions. Realtors provide information not easily accessible to the public such as valuation estimates, pricing for comparable homes in the area, and assistance in recommendations for industry services such as home inspections and termite companies. Realtors’ skills in negotiating can make the difference in procuring a favorable purchase agreement for homebuyers and assisting sellers in obtaining the most advantageous value for their property.

Consult With A Lender

Buyers who plan to obtain a mortgage for their purchase of a home should consult with a bank or mortgage lender to get pre-approved for a mortgage loan.  The lender plays an important role throughout the closing process by providing information regarding sales price affordability and financing program options, which affect interest rates and down payment requirements.

Pelican Title can begin the closing process upon receipt of an executed purchase agreement or loan application from the customer, realtor, or lender. The attorneys at Pelican Title will conduct a “title examination” to confirm who owns the property, obtain property tax information, determine whether any mortgages or liens exist, and to discover whether any “title defects” may affect the seller’s ability to sell the property. In short, a determination is made to verify that title is “clear” and merchantable.

Pelican Title will then provide the appropriate title information and documents to the lender, who will complete the underwriting process. Upon loan approval, Pelican Title will coordinate a convenient time for all parties to meet for a “closing” where transfer documents and lending paperwork are executed and notarized. Additionally, at closing Pelican Title collects transaction funds and conducts disbursement to sellers, Realtors, lenders, and others. The security of the funds during the closing process is paramount and Pelican Title, LLC is vigilant in safeguarding funds. Closings at Pelican Title, LLC are conducted by our experienced attorneys to assure a smooth closing experience and answer any questions of transaction parties.